About Me

I am a third-year PhD student at Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, where I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. David Woodruff. My research interests lie broadly in theoretical computer science and Machine Learning, particularly:

  • Sublinear Algorithms(like Sketching and Sampling Algorithms, Property Testing and Dimensionality Reduction)
  • Algorithms for Massive Data
  • Learning-based/Data-driven Algorithms
  • Robustness of Algorithms and Machine Learning.

I am supported by CMU Paul and James Wang Sercomm Presidential Graduate Fellowship for 2023-2024.

Previously, I did my undergraduate at ACM Honors Class, Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where I had worked with Prof. Yu Yong, Chihao Zhang and Weinan Zhang. Besides, I was a visiting student at Division of Mathematical Science, Nanyang Technological University, host by Prof. Yi Li and a research assistant at ITCS, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.